2018-19 Charity of the Year


Family Support Line helps children, families, and professionals address the trauma of child sexual abuse.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive prevention programs

  • Specialized treatment
  • Professional training
  • Advocacy


Our vision is to advance the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.


  • Provide treatment services to all members of a family who have experienced sexual abuse creating an environment of support and understanding that leads to a full recovery.
  • Ensure high quality, professional service provision to children, families, professionals and community members.  
  • Develop prevention initiatives that meet the increasing needs of specific constituencies in the area.
  • Create communities that support and care about the health and safety of children and families.


      At Family Support Line, we believe that:
     A proactive approach that offers family support and child sexual abuse prevention education to children, their parents, other professionals, and community members is necessary to stop the abuse from happening in the first place. A coordinated system of investigation, prosecution, and provision of services best serve the child and family. Early intervention and family support are two critical elements in achieving a healthy and full recovery from the trauma of sexual abuse and breaking the cycle of abuse. Services to children and their family members should occur in a safe and trusting environment and by professionals trained to deal with this trauma. Child sexual abuse affects all members of the family, and for this reason all members of the family need treatment and support regardless of their ability to pay for them.

Learn more about Family Support Line here.

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